“Angela Eve’s Twisted Tassel Burlesque Fest”
by Eve’s Parlor and Flesh Tones Burlesque

Angela Eve & Eve’s Parlor Burlesque presents Chicago’s first ever burlesque festival at the historic and world famous Admiral Theater (founded in 1927 and restored in 2000) with an additional party show revue over several nights at Debonair Social Club.

Working in conjunction with Flesh Tones Burlesque, Eve’s Parlor is creating a full fledged celebration that boasts a rare convergence of burlesque talent brought in from around the country to craft a line-up of distinguished proportions for the Main event at the Admiral Theater and a top notch selection of local performers for the party revue. Encompassing five weeks in February and March, the experience will consist of over seventy acts during the course of the festival with Angela Eve herself headlining with several other national acts.

History of the festival

In the fall of 2007, Angela Eve of Eve’s Parlor was approached by the world famous Admiral Theater to put on a show with the intention of creating a new venue for adult entertainment that is outside of the normal strip club atmosphere. After much thought, she was inspired to fuse the two worlds of burlesque and exotic dance. The resulting proposition to the Admiral was to bring in a complete redesign and set unique and distinctive to the theatre.

With the new concept in mind, she decided to turn this show into a festival and obtain top notch-acts from around the nation. Angela Eve’s burlesque performing career originated by touring with major music festivals such as Ozzfest and is highlighted by the fact she was the first performer/producer to bring an alternative burlesque show to the production. She decided to bring Maiden Sacrifice aboard to help produce a show of this magnitude.

Coincidentally, for the past year Maiden Sacrifice and Angela Eve had been trying to plan a show to benefit an organization that was helping to rebuild the lower 9th ward of New Orleans. For the last two years Angela Eve had been traveling there with her shooting partner working on a photo documentary project and they had wanted to raise some money for the people they have been photographing.

Maiden Sacrifices experience with Charity events and her close connections to the burlesque community gave them a leg up to start preparations this past December. They decided to enlist an additional venue to complement the main event for a Gala Party at Debonair Social Club as well as highlight local burlesque performers and performance artists. Hence they created the first Chicago burlesque festival “Angela Eve’s Twisted Tassel Burlesque Festival” by Eve’s Parlor and Flesh Tones Burlesque.


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